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Feng Shui Friday: Salt Water Cures

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure Step by Step

Salt water cures can help remove negative energy from your home (or office). Salt is an ancient mineral with precious properties, including strong cleansing properties, and it has been used in various cleansing rituals for over 5,000 years. Salt is also used in various body purification treatments and massages, as it has the ability to absorb the negative, dull, low energies, thus leaving the energy fresh and pure.

In simple terms, the salt water feng shui cure combines the strong purifying effects of salt and water combined with the chemical reaction between metal and salt. Salt water cures are only used for one lunar year and you will need to dispose of all the contents, so don't use a favorite vase or ceramic pot for your salt water cures.

The look of this Feng Shui cure will change in time, especially if there is a lot of negative energy in the space where this cure is placed. The container will have a build-up of salt crystals overflowing its edges, in some cases quite a thick build-up, so be sure you have a plate underneath to protect your furniture.

Here are the instructions to help you make your own salt water cure, as well as tips for its best feng shui placement in your home. You will also find out when and how to dispose of your salt water cure.

Items Needed

Here are the items you need to make your own salt water cure:

  • Salt (ideally high-quality rock salt)

  • One container (glass, porcelain - do not use metal)

  • Six I-ching or brass coins

  • Purified water (to fill 3/4 of your chosen container)

  • A protective mat, or a stand.


  1. Fill your chosen container with salt up to 3/4 of its capacity.

  2. Place the six Chinese coins on top of the salt; the coins should be placed with the Yang side up (the side with the four Chinese characters). Place them in a clockwise circle starting at 12 o'clock.

  3. Add water to fill the container to the top.

  4. Place the container on a protective mat, or on a stand in the home area where you most need it. Be sure it is a place where it can not be easily knocked over.

  5. The salt water cure container should be left open, so be sure not to cover it or place it in a covered space, such as a cupboard.

  6. Continue to add water to your cure as needed.

Tips for the Best Home Placement

  • Place your salt water cure in an area where you know the container will be safe, meaning it will not be tipped over, moved or otherwise tampered with. Usually, a room corner works well.

  • If you do not like the look of the salt water cure place it behind an object so that your feng shui cure is not visible.

  • You should be able to have easy access to your salt water cure in order to add water as needed.

Disposing of Your Salt Water Cure

Feng shui salt water cure absorb and accumulate a lot of negative energy, care should be taken with its disposal. Do not cleanse the bowl and the coins, but rather properly discard the whole cure.

Generally the Salt Water Cure only needs to be replaces once or twice a year. Keep an eye on your salt water cure, and it if looks like it has done a lot of work, then replace it with a new one.

At the end of the year, recycle all the items. Never reuse them.

Traditionally, the Chinese New Year is always the time to place a new salt water cure or to replace the existing one.

Usage Tips

The feng shui salt water cure is usually used in tandem with other metal cures because the ill effects of the annual Feng Shui Stars #2, #3, and #5 are destroyed by metal. Feng shui cures such as a 6 hollow metal rod wind chime or metal bowls are often used in addition to the salt water cure in order to achieve best results.

In 2020 the South and East are the best places to place the Salt Water Cure.

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