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Feng Shui Vision Board

Vision Board can be a great tool for manifesting and keep you on track with your goals and dreams for the year.

I like to use a large pin board with pretty gold pins, you can use what ever works for you.

I grab a bunch of magazines, print images, photos, inspiring words, etc. Take some time to look at the squares and figure out what represents them to you. I wanted a new kitchen last year so I put a bunch of kitchen photos.

If you are starting new, light a candle and set intention. I also like to burn some incense to better set the mood and my intention. The new moon is the best time create your vision board, but there is no really wrong time to do it, when it calls to you is the right time.

I lay my images and words out before I start glueing or pinning, I find I change my mind a lot. Also, have extra magazines - just in case - when it starts to flow my intuition gets really strong and I almost flip to the page of what I’m looking for to fulfill my desire. Try to put something in every square, you can always come back to it and add more throughout the year.

If you are working with an existing board, I light Incense and open a window to release the past year. I careful unpin each item, if it manifested or does not serve me, I put it in a pretty box and burn them on the next full moon to release them. I put the one that did not seem to manifest or still feel useful in another pile.

Once the board is clear, I clear my room with a sound bowl, close the window, and light a candle and set my intention for the year. They I start laying everything and pin or glue down when I’m satisfied.

Finally find a private spot where you can see the board everyday. I put it behind the door of my office at home, since when I’m working I close my door and can see it all day. I take a moment at the start of the day to review it and once again when I’m done for the day.

Happy manifesting!!

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