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Sound Healing and Cats?

Wait, what?

I've lived with cats as long as I can remember and there is something so special about the calmness and relaxation that comes when they cuddle up with you and start purring. Little did I know this state of calmness and relaxation might actually be healing as well!

I recently heard a story on the news that cats could heal themselves with their purring, I was intrigued and started to do some investigation. There were a few articles on the web and lots of additional information. Here is a little of what I found.

Scientific America ran an article in 2003 citing the possibility that a cat's purr can help heal bones and muscles. A cat’s purr frequency is generally at 26 Hz. Scientific studies have found this frequency corresponds with the frequency that scientists use in vibrational therapies to promote tissue regeneration. So theoretically, a cat’s purr can help the healing of bones and tissue.

Cats purring can also help heal in other ways:

  • Lowering a person's stress level by petting a cat and listening to it purr

  • A cat’s purr may decrease the symptoms of difficulty in breathing in both cats and humans - having a calming effectInteracting with the cat and hearing the purring sound can lower blood pressure

  • Reducing the risk of heart disease (cat owners have 40 percent less risk of having a heart attack)

  • Purr vibrations have also been known to help heal infections, reduce swelling, promote bone healing, relieve pain, repair muscles and tendons, and improve joint mobility

Just out of curiosity, I pulled out my tuner on my iPhone to test my cat and feline companion, Bugz. Her purr vacillates between the key of "G" which is the Throat Chakra and the key of "B" which is associated with the Crown Chakra - very nice indeed - sound is a great way to open blocked Chakras! On the vibrational range, she registered between 25 Hz and 27 Hz - sustaining in at 26 Hz - right in the sweet spot of healing!

One thing I have noticed is that anytime someone in my family is not feeling well, there is the cat, right there at the sick person's side purring away. Now, the cat may be there just because an ill human tends to put a lot of heat and they don't move much - an ideal situation for any cat nap - or it may be that the cat is there to help with some sound frequency healing. 

Either way, I am happy to have a cat "nurse" by my side when I am feeling under the weather.While searching the web, I did come across an old Veterinarian adage that if you put a person with broken bones in a room with a bunch of cats, the broken bones will heal faster. I'll take any excuse to cuddle with my cats, even if I don't have any broken bones.If you don't own a cat, no worries, you can just listen to a cat purring here.

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