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What is Sound Healing?

A Sound Bath is a form of sound healing.  It is called a Sound Bath because it feels like the sounds are washing over your body. Clients lay down on yoga mats with their eyes closed, a sound healing practitioner will play specific sound healing instruments that will help calm the mind chatter and relax the body.  A Sound Bath helps:

  • Lower blood pressure and reduce cardiac disease 

  • Improve immunity and digestion

  • Eliminate anxiety and stress by releasing body tension and reducing stress hormones

  • Alleviate depression through the release of natural opiates and mood boosters

  • Improve sleep through the Delta brainwave 

  • Unlock creative problem solving and insight

  • Release trauma and emotional blockages (It has been reported to help with PTSD)

  • Help someone experience a safe space to integrate complex feelings of grief, depression, or fear. ​

  • Create a sense of integrated wholeness, create emotional resiliency, and live a more balanced life.

​ Sound therapy has been proven to help relieve: insomnia, arthritis, chronic pain, fertility issues, fibromyalgia, cancer treatment side effects, autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, heart disease, depression and numerous emotional issues. ​​ These aren’t just temporary benefits. Sound is cumulative therapy and with consistent exposure through public sound baths or a private sound therapy program, the brain — through neuroplasticity — can learn new behavioral patterns and create permanent body and lifestyle changes for optimum health and well-being. ​​ ​

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