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What to Expect at a Sound Bath

A Sound Bath is part meditation and part listening exercise. Sound Baths provides a healing musical performance played with our set of Alchemy Crystal Bowls created by Crystal Tones. Participants lay on the floor in supported savasana (corpse pose) and let the waves of sound wash over them. At the end, there will be a period of silence for the participates to go into a deeper meditation.

Sound Baths can help calm our overstimulated nervous systems and balance the subtle body. (If you’re not familiar with the subtle body: it’s also known as the energetic body, where our life force exists.) Sound Baths work with both the physical body and the subtle body to help heal depression, anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia, and to deepen meditation and spark creativity.

Most Sound Baths are a community event and will feel like a yogi sleepover, with everyone camping out and getting cozy on their yoga mats.

What you need to know before you go to a Sound Bath:

Bring a mat, blanket and pillow: Most studios will provide mats, bolsters and blankets, although there tends to be a limited number. Personally I prefer to bring my own mat, blanket and pillow. A lot of people also bring an eye pillow to help them relax.

Be open to the experience: Sound Baths often occur in a small space, such as a yoga studio, so you will be laying near other people. The sound healer will generally have the singing bowls in the center of the room, with everyone spread around in the room, with their heads close to the bowls which allow for greater vibrational healing. Clients will be in close proximity to other people with their eyes closed, so it may make you feel a little awkward and vulnerable. It can be hard to get comfortable and relax. Just breathe into it. It may seem weird at first, so let go and take it in.

You might feel emotional: Sound healing works to release emotions trapped deep in the subtle body. You may feel like crying or laughing - go with it and let the feelings flow. We hold a lot of emotions in our body, the sound works to help release them.

Wear comfortable clothing: You will be on the floor on your yoga mat for at least an hour. Be sure to wear loose comfortable clothing. 

Relax and let go: In yoga we work hard to strengthen and stretch the body. This is a time for rest and relaxation. Just breathe deep and release your body into the yoga mat. Try to let go of any tension, any emotions and just be present.

You will feel the sound in your body: Much like a loud thumping base at the club, the bowls vibrate while they are being played. You may feel the vibration in various parts of your body, be conscious of this and let it flow through you. This is part of the healing that the sound bath provides.

You may fall asleep: That is ok. You will receive the healing of sound bathing even if you fall asleep. Try your best to stay awake by bringing awareness to your breath and the sound of the bowls. You may find you have a very deep sleep after the Sound Bath.

Take it easy after the Sound Bath. You may feel a sense of calmness afterward, embrace it. There is no need to roll up your mat, hurry into your car, hop on the highway and rush home. Take some time away from your devices after if you can, and just enjoy the relaxation. If you attend one of Uplift Yoga's Sound Baths we will charge water at the end of the Sound Bath to share with the class so clients will have some quite time to reflect or share their experience with their fellow Sound Bath attendees. It also takes some time to pack up the bowls - so clients can feel free to just lay on their mat for a few extra minutes.

Check out our podcast to hear a Sound Bath for yourself!

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